Kick-off day: KisStartup and Mitsui Chemicals


On April 18th 2023, KisStartup and Mitsui Chemicals R&D officially launched the "Mitsui Chemicals R&D Collaboration Reward" project. The project aims to find research results from universities, research institutes from private companies, and enterprises in Vietnam to cooperate with Mitsui and promote commercialization.

In addition, KisStartup also shared some difficulties, opportunities, and the current situation in the Vietnamese ecosystem. We discussed the project's goals, directions, and plans together, and planned for the next steps.

Below are the fields that Mitsui Chemicals R&D is interested in:

Area 1: Medical devices

- In vitro diagnostic devices

- The integration of medical devices with Robot/Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions enables the provision of advanced medical care, including the analysis of medical images and improved diagnoses.

-The use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies provides support for surgical training

Area 2: Agrochemical

-Biocontrol agricultural agents derived from fungi and bacteria are an effective means of controlling pests and insect disease vectors in agriculture.

-Herb tech

Area 3: Nutrition

-Functional food, protein substitutes, and probiotics for humans and animals

-Cultured meat technology, including the use of micro-carriers in cell culture

Area 4: Basic & Green Materials (Carbon Neutral)

-Green materials/ technologies such as biomass, biogas, cellulose, algae that can be a renewable fuel source.

-Sustainable solutions such as membrane technology for CO2, H2 production or water purification

Here is some information about us:

-Mitsui Chemicals was established in 1997 with 161 affiliated companies and nearly 19,000 employees. With Paid-in Capital up to 125 billion JPY, Mitsui Chemicals is fulfilling its mission of contributing widely to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through material innovation and creativity, while maintaining harmony with the global environment.

-KisStartup was founded in 2015 with a mission to accompany the startup community in enhancing their innovative and creative capabilities, supporting innovative and effective business transformation, and bringing practical benefits to the community. We have been working in the Vietnamese startup ecosystem for 8 years with a tight network of universities and research institutes, as well as providing training to over 500 lecturers from universities across the country on entrepreneurship and innovation. 

We hope that this project will open up opportunities and prospects for promoting commercialization in Vietnam.



Signing of cooperation between KisStartup and the Center for enabling startups and Knowledge Transfer (CSK) - Vietnam National University to promote innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the university

On April 7th, 2023, at Vietnam National University, Mr. Truong Ngoc Kiem - Director of  CSK and Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh - Founder and CEO of KisStartup signed a memorandum of cooperation to develop the startup ecosystem within the university.

KisStartup and CSK will leverage their respective strengths to promote research and entrepreneurship activities aimed at innovation within the faculty and student community, with the following objectives:

  1. Develop potential startup projects and teams focused on innovation.
  2. Enhance long-term support for faculty members and commercialize scientific research projects.
  3. Foster collaboration between the university and businesses by providing opportunities for students and faculty members to interact with real-life business models.

Over the first six months of 2023, KisStartup and CSK will plan and implement several noteworthy programs and activities, including:

  • Training and testing the Incubation program for ideas and research projects in the system of schools under the Vietnam National University.
  • Solving business problems through innovative research projects at the Vietnam National University.
  • Testing entrepreneurship training programs for students and faculty members on innovation and startup.

During the final six months of 2023, both parties will collaborate to discuss and draw lessons from their experiences, as well as summarize and replicate effective models to achieve their ultimate goal - promoting commercialization of research results from the university through incubation programs and enhancing the capacity of faculty members and students in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Vietnam National University., with its various schools in multiple disciplines, is part of an ecosystem with strong connections to thousands of businesses. The Center for enabling startups and Knowledge Transfer within the university is dynamic in its activities to support entrepreneurship for students and faculty members. These two factors offer great promise for the partnership between KisStartup and CSK to foster innovation and entrepreneurship within the university.

Center for enabling startups and Knowledge Transfer was established on January 24, 2017 with the mission of supporting and organizing the transfer of knowledge, technology, scientific products and technologies from the National University of Hanoi (NUH) and research institutes, social training institutions; Receiving and transferring knowledge from external sources to NUH and society. The center also supports entrepreneurship activities, innovative and creative activities, scientific and technological incubation, and startup incubation throughout NUH and society.

KisStartup was founded in 2015 in Vietnam by Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh with the mission of accompanying the startup community in enhancing innovative capacity, supporting effective innovation for businesses, and bringing practical benefits to the community.

Opening application for the program: iRND Vietnam 2023 ( Batch 2)

iRND Vietnam 2023 ( Batch 2)  implemented by KisStartup, is calling for applications from scientific research projects in universities, research institutes in Vietnam

The program is designed to:


  • Support the establishment of new businesses
  • Complement and perfect technology
  • Cooperate with potential partners for project development
  • Transfer technology
  • Take orders
  • Exploit licensed intellectual property


  • Accompany research results from universities over a long-term period (4-10 years)
  • Improve the capacity of the operation team
  • Invest early in projects with soft support and/or cash
  • Connect investment and find resources to support projects
  • Develop teams for the project


  • Student/ lecturer /researcher who are in the ideation, research and completion stage of technology, prototype products (MVP) or have finished products for commercialization
  • The project team who wants to turn the idea into a product accepted by the market.
  • The project team who object clearly defines the goal of establishing the company and the direction that leads to a clear and realistic action plan in equitization and receiving investment capital


  • Business establishment & development, business expansion
  • Technology transfer to corporations and businesses
  • Receive investment capital, soft support from funds, individual investors...
  • Effective exploitation of protected intellectual property

Register now: HERE

Deadline: 17.04.2023

Contact: Ms. Xuan (+84.396292442)



Opening application for the program: Heritage & Culture based business model Incubation

KisStartup in collaboration with KisImpact is implementing an incubation program for cultural and heritage-based startup projects.



  • Cultural and heritage-based startup projects
  • Enterprises who want to develop new products and services on the basis of culture and heritage
  • Organizations/communities who wish to build new programs and business models on the basis of culture and heritage


Our main activities:

  • Training: Being trained on how to use tools to identify and build a business model based on culture and heritage
  • Coaching: being offered step-by-step instructions to apply the knowledge trained on the project directly 
  • Early stage investment: being provided direct investment in projects with soft and financial support.
  • Accompanying and developing projects through startup mentors, professional advisors: last for 4-10 years
  • Networking: being provided important network connections to help the project develop, including partners, customers, and programs implemented at KisStartup & KisImpact

Please fill out the registration form by following the link: HERE


Application opening: 01.03.2023 

Application deadline: 23.03.2023

Contact: Ms. Xuan  (+84.396292442)



E-Learning on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with KisStartup

After 06 consecutive years of training in INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP for startups, SMEs, and universities for hundreds of founders and lecturers, in 2021 KisStartup started testing e-learning courses. After the successes and lessons learned from experimentation, in 2022, KisStartup officially opened the e-learning course on INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP on the Thinkific platform.

On this platform, participants will have multiple choices of courses that are suitable for their abilities and knowledge as well as their own experience.
There are more than 40 modules that follow the steps of a startup project from Ideation -  Validation - Growth with the following contents around:
 - Innovation, design thinking, lean startup
- Developing Entrepreneurship innovation projects
- Manage and measure project impact
- Lesson learned from case studies (exclusive case studies from KisStartup)

You will have access to modules of Entrepreneurship innovation with the price equivalent of university credit.

KisStartup's course is suitable for young startups, lecturers, and coaches who want to learn about innovative startups, and universities wishing to disseminate knowledge to lecturers and students about Entrepreneurship innovation.

Any interest please contact or 0982498095 (Zalo) for the best support.


Happiness comes from actions !!!

On September 28th, at TECHFEST Hai Phong 2022 KisStartup was very pleased to meet the project 3D Construction Printing - QLAT with a completely new look after 5 months of coaching.

After 5 months of active working, 3D Construction Printing - QLAT no longer needs a push to move. Now they are confident in making plans and strategies and turning them into action for serving and seeking customers.

Congratulations to QLAT 3D Printing and Hai Phong University for their stable and brightening movements.
3D Construction Printing - QLAT led by Dr. Pham Thi Loan from Hai Phong University accompanied by KisStartup through the RnD Vietnam program - Pre-Incubation phase to help the project commercialize the results research by finding business models and effectively cooperating with partners, businesses, organizations, etc. After 3 weeks of participating in the #RnDVietnam - Pre-Incubation phase, the project had made valuable changes when it came to defining goals, clearly analyzing and streamlining the team, and having more potential customers.

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Signing cooperation agreement between KisStartup and Hong Duc University to promote innovation in the university and startup ecosystem

The Workshop of "Open Innovation in Lecturers - Students - Schools: Creating a Wave of Innovation in Education", in order to create and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation to strengthen the connection and sharing of resources for developing the innovation ecosystem in higher education institutions has been organized on September 19, 2022, by Hong Duc University in coordination with NATEC, Ministry of Science and Technology, and KisStarup Joint Stock Company. 

Within the framework of the program, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Van Dung - Rector of the University and Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh - Head of Corporate Open Innovation Technology Village, Techfest 2022, Founder and CEO of KisStartup signed a memorandum of cooperation on building and developing ecosystems for HDU and startups in Thanh Hoa province.

Accordingly, KisStartup will cooperate with the school to develop MISP-HDU, an incubation and acceleration program for the promotion of innovative startup solutions for SMEs and Micro enterprises in Thanh Hoa, and at the same time connecting solutions of startups to serve SMEs and Micro-enterprises through testing and developing the market in Thanh Hoa.

KisStartup also cooperates with the school to promote the commercialization of research results from the university through KisStartup's Vietnam RnD incubation program and to improve the capacity of faculty and students in innovation.

Hong Duc University with its strength as a multidisciplinary university, located in the ecosystem of more than 25,000 small and medium enterprises in Thanh Hoa will have the potential to become an innovation center in the North Central region.
The signing ceremony was conducted in the presence of Mr. Pham Hong Quat, Director of NATEC, Ministry of Science and Technology and other stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.


KisStartup representative participates in the Newton Foundation's LIF7 program

From February 1, 2021 to the end of 2021, the representative of KisStartup, Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh, will participate in the program "NEWTON FUND’S LEADERS IN INNOVATION FELLOWSHIPS PROGRAMME " (LIF) in Vietnam, which has supported the above 70 researchers in their path to bringing research products from the laboratory to the market.

The LIF7 program is co-implemented by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) with the Royal British Academy of Technology. LIF6 includes training on research commercialization, experience sharing and networking activities in Vietnam, and a 2-week training course from March 9-20, 2020 in the UK.

The program consists of three components: Capacity Building, Research and Transfer. In Vietnam, the British Council is currently working with Vietnamese government funding agencies and organizations to implement the Capacity Building component to facilitate international cooperation and professional development. individuals and research organizations in Vietnam's development priority fields such as:

Health and life sciences
Environment and energy
Future city
Digital technology, innovation and creativity
Within the framework of the program, KisStartup targets accompanying and developing a program to support capacity building and commercialization of products and services from research results of researchers from institutes and schools. Hoping to develop the first version of the Vietnam Commercialization Acceleration Program in 2021, we believe that the KisStartup representative participating in the program will help us gain the necessary skills, experience and network. to contribute more effectively to the Vietnamese startup ecosystem, especially the commercialization of research results from institutes and schools.



Intensive training for business model innovation for agricultural products through online marketing

On 19.05.2020 KisStartup officially ended 05 days of intensive training on Innovation in Business Model with Online Marketing with 08 cooperatives across the country in the support program of non-profit organization of Agriterra. The class was organized online to create favorable conditions in terms of time and cost for the cooperatives.

During 05 days of intensive training and practice, cooperatives have the opportunity to learn about their business models and simultaneously approach Online Marketing from the most basic understanding and step by step transform their business model from traditional sales model to the mixed model of online and offline channels.

After 5 days of intensive training and continuous practice, cooperatives have achieved remarkable results through testing Online Marketing via Facebook. Thanks to the relentless efforts of members of the cooperative group, after the training session 03 there have been very significant results. For example, there are cooperatives who have received orders for up to 02 tons of coffee after 3 days training. 

At the end of the intensive training, cooperatives will meet 1: 1 with KisStartup to work out the action plan and KPIs implemented in the next 06 months with the goal of promoting Online Marketing to increase sales.

After the 5-session course, KisStartup is committed to continuing to support the cooperatives in 01 month. In addition, the most hard-working cooperative was also given a ticket to join the NETA batch 2 Internship & Recruitment Alliance 2. In June 2020, after studying and the online channels and customer database in way, the cooperative that receives the award will receive trainees to support and strengthen the Online Marketing part of its cooperative.


Introduction of Center for Food & Beverage Innovation


Center for Food and Beverage Innovation (CFBI) is powered by Restaurant Association Vietnam in partnership with KisStartup as a key operation partner. With a smooth combination of a strong network of food and beverage suppliers, restaurants, and investors with years of experience in innovation, CFBI offers food and beverage-related projects, startups, and existing enterprises a unique resource to accelerate their companies. The CFBI will be officially launched at Asia Food & Beverage Summit 2020 in HCMC this year with series of exciting activities. 





  • Seek and nurture food and beverage-related innovative projects, startups, and existing enterprises that are rooted in the Asian region and dedicated to making their community a better world. 

  • Connect food and beverage-related innovative projects, startups, and existing enterprises to essential resources and network 


  • Mentors

  • Experienced Advisors in Intellectual Property, Accounting, and etc. 

  • Innovation Coaches 

  • Business Matching between startups and investors, enterprises, suppliers, corporates

  • Events

FOCUS 2020

In 2020, CFBI centers its focus on: 

  • PARTNERSHIP:  As we all understand, we can not commit to our mission alone. This year, we aim to collaborate with universities, associations, corporates and supporting organizations at the local and international levels. 

  • INCUBATION & ACCELERATION: As part of CFBI, we are eager to seek potential projects for our Incubation and Acceleration Program 2020 which is the first-of-its-kind program for projects in food and beverage industry in Vietnam

    To be qualified for CFBI Incubator and Accelerator, you have to: 

    • Be a food and/or beverage-related project/startup/existing enterprises
    • Have a team with at least two people 
    • Seek for funds or scale-up
  • CONNECTION: After years of experience in business and investment matching, at CFBI, we continue to act as a trustworthy connector between innovative projects and corporates, suppliers, and investors who are keen on partnering with and/or invest in creative food/beverage-related solutions. Business and investment matching sessions are going to be organized throughout the year, ending with DEMO DAY where showcase innovative F&B solutions. 


For any inquiries, feel free to contact us via: 


Mobile: +84.978.137.894 (Thao)