Corporate Innovation Training

Effective internal innovation needs to start from providing each member of the organization with new, more important tools and knowledge than new thinking. With training experience for both businesses and startups, KisStartup supports corporations and businesses that want to promote innovation through capacity building for staff.

Learners will experience hands-on activities, new methodology and new mindsets and toolsets for their own projects and/or idea. "Practical values ​​for innovation in businesses" is the testimonials from our clients.

Training program can be customized and classified for different management and execution levels.

To find out how the program works and detail curriculum, please send us your expression of interest to either: or email us via We will respond after 24 hours. You can also call us at +84 982 498 095 (Ms. Mai) or +84 978 137 894 (Ms. Thao)

KisStartup to participate in Frontier Incubator

KisStartup is happy to announce that we have been selected among 112 organisations as applicants to participate in Frontier Incubator and get support from Australian Government.


Congratulations to CSIP, KisStartup and WISE - Sáng kiến hỗ trợ Phụ nữ Khởi nghiệp và Kinh doanh who have been selected to participate in the #FrontierIncubators program.

This initiative is supporting accelerators + incubators to increase the impact of entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific.

The participants will receive a week of intensive training workshops with program partners (Australia’s innovationXchange, ygapConveners.Organd SecondMuse and a customised capacity building program, designed and delivered by a program partner who will work with their teams throughout the program.

Source: Australia in Vietnam


Launching of IPN (Innovation with Purpose Network)

A network of innovation ecosystem builders, universities, institutions and businesses joining hands for innovation- with- purpose ideas and projects to flourish and positively impact the community


Our story begins when we work with university talents including students and lecturers in training and coaching for them about innovation and entrepreneurship, we realize that:

(1) Many of the projects and ideas can be turned into impact projects to benefit the community and/or help achieve 17 sustainable development goals. However, not many of them are supported in terms of capacity building, mentoring and coaching to develop their projects. 

(2)None in the market is there to help them to connect with business world. At the same time, corporates and SMEs are struggling to find talented people for intra-innovation and market expansion

Therefore, IPN is to achieve 3 main goals:

  • Connecting talented and passionate individuals from universities and institutions with business world
  • Enabling innovative ideas to take shape via capacity building programs including design thinking & Lean Startup(training, coaching, mentoring)
  • Helping corporates and SMEs to get closer to quality human resources and potential investment in innovation from early stages

For further information about the project, please visit: 

Website của chương trình:

Brochure của chương trình: HERE 


Startup Value - Mini Exhibition at KisStartup

Startup Value

Mini Exhibition at KisStartup office is to recognize and promote the values from innovation effort of startups in Vietnam that we work with in the past 2 years. The idea comes to us when we have a lot of visitors, business partners, potential investors in and outside the country. They were surprised at the stories we tell about startups in Vietnam. In June, 2018, with an effort to bring startup's stories to community, we proudly conduct this mini exhibtion at KisStartup. Startups wishing to show their products, services, please email us at to be instructed on the requirements. 


Proudly work with you, 


KisStartup Team.


Startup Case Study from Vietnam - UDr - Internet of Things (IoT) in health care – a platform business model in a developing country market

Internet of Things (IoT) in health care – a platform business model in a developing country market

1 Minh Nguyen Dang Tuan, 2 Thanh Nhan Nguyen
1 KisStartup Innovation Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring
2 Faculty of Business Administration, Ton Duc Thang University


Ecomedic Medical System (EMS) is the largest community of online health care in Vietnam currently. Based on its diversifications of involvement of stakeholders from patients to doctors to pharmacies, the community is transitioning itself to an online application to connect different stakeholders, utilizing IoT application for the development. It is expected to officially provide the market with a deployment model for the home care physician system: proactive, continuous care in which all data are connected to the cloud. Key functions deployed with UDr, which is android or IoS applications, IoT wearable devices enable patients to use 24/7 health monitoring equipment (especially for patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure ...); The wristwatch automatically measures the time (defaults to 30p / s) and sends data to Cloud; The UDr application reads the data from the cloud to the physician for examination. Clinical examinations are also done at home and the results are sent to the doctor and the patient for follow up. When there are abnormalities (for example sudden increase in blood pressure within 3-4 hours), EMS's cloud service will analyze and alert the physician, patient/family member and connection. Unique value of the business model: a combination of deeptech solutions for the health care ecosystem. In a country where the average patient's waiting time is 10 hours, the development of UDr, an online patient care advisor on the basis of a smart medical community. UDr is a combination of different technologies that work to reduce the time spent on both patients and the healthcare ecosystem. Making use of the available IoT devices that are available to physicians for analysis of patient health data by providing real-time patient survival information, combined with a network of family physicians developed by another partner, the UDr offers warnings of hazards to the patient's health. The UDr is a flexible mix of online and offline and leverages the technology platforms and insights available to the market and integrates with existing solutions in the marketplace to benefit the user and bring value to the parties involved. Key words: Internet of Things, Health industry, startup

Case highlights
•Introducing Business model of Ecomedic Medical System in Vietnam, which is established by merging fours basis factors consisting of hardware platforms, wearables, networking technologies, and cloud platforms that connect different stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem with wearable devices.
•Analyzing the present market in smart e-medical service in smart cities, and their relationship with professional medical experts, nurses, patient’s relatives.
•With a strong focus on quality of doctors and active prevention for patients with common diseases in Vietnam, UDr is targeting a potential market with no big competition.
•Integration of IoT, Big Data and Block Chain into the solutions creates its unique values.
•Using the Business Canvas Model to discuss the business opportunity in industry and future market potential. 

To download the casestudy, email us at:

Source: 2018 Business opportunities and innovative models driven by the Internet. Cases in Vietnam. Organizers: TDT University, Feng Chia University, PWC, TSing Hua University, 



In March, 2018, let's join activities organized by KisStartup and our partners.

  1. 9.3.2018: International Conference on Business Opportunities and Innovative Models driven by the Internet: Cases in Vietnam at Ton Duc Thang University in which KisStartup presents and introduces 07 business models related to IOT in Vietnam including case ABIVIN, AMI, CYHOME, Ecomedic, EZCloud, UMI ABC Maker, MimosaTEK to Taiwan partners who are sponsored by Taiwan.
  2. 22.3.3018: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signature between KisStartup and Vietnam Women's Academy (VWA), a comprehensive strategic partnership that leverages the strengths of the two sides to support start-up business women.
  3. 22.3.2018: A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the ILT representative (Innovation Land of Tourism, KisStartup, co-founder) and Mr. Chu Hong Minh and the Vietnam Women's Academy for support and enhancement the capability to receive investment, expand the market for women businesses with projects related to tourism.
  4. 27.3: For Startup - INTRODUCTION & GUIDE FOR INVESTMATCH 2018

Note on your calendar useful events for you and join us

KisStartup Team

(*) Introduction of good reads from KisStartup activities' photos


Happy New Year 2018

KisStartup would like to announce our Tet vacation starting from 8/02/2018 until the end of 21/02/2018. KisStartup would like to meet with you after the Tet holiday, full of hope and energy. We will be filled with new energy for the upcoming challenges.

At the same time, KisStartup would also like to send wishes to KisStartup's startups. Wish you a creative new year for your dream, always persevere, full of energy to face challenges of starting a business. 

KisStartup will always be here for you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Nguyễn Đặng Tuấn Minh – Managing Director & Co-founder of KisStartup


Dear alls,

Starting from the needs of your startup, in August 2016, KisStartup introduces you two websites we developed to better companion with you.

ZHOST.TOP: For startup in information technology or e-commerce. ZHOST.TOP you will be consulted  the best, safest, and most cost-effective solution in cloud-hosting for storing your data.

COVANKHOINGHIEP.COM: Are you looking for a mentor? Do you want to be a mentor? Sign up with us on KisStartup's official website: Also on the page, you will find partners who are offering mentoring support across Vietnam. On the whole story with startup, it is together to build a mentoring culture.



What does KisStartup 2016 have?

If you are planning for 2016, take your time for our activities:

1. Training of Innovation Coach: Following the success of the TOT1 - IPP, we - the first seeds of the program are desiring  open Extensive network of innovative coaches and startups across Vietnam. In 2016, we expect to develop this program in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. If you are Interested in the program, please contact us.

2. Community Activity: Startup Square Startup Playground: A dynamic, impressive and vibrant space


- Mindset Playground: 1 time / month: Learn and practice through games in the series. Here you will experience the startup game to learn for yourself, your team and bring new tools for your business.

- Startup Book: 2 times / month. Introduce important books for startup and how to apply them.

3. Training and Sharing - Community Workshop: Weekly: Needed topics such as marketing, finance, investment, human resources, law, intellectual property, etc. will be introduced with our experts

4Mentoring Netwwork: With the success of the very first mentors and mentees in 2015, we keep going on developing a mentoring-1 to 1 in Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

Innovation is a process of learning, sharing, exploring and practicing continuously, so with these activities, in 2016, we hope to be with you  experience,






English is one of the biggest weaknesses of many startups in Vietnam. Wishing to support young people to improve their English language skills, KisStartup builds the Business English Mentoring Program (English for Startup).

The program is the result of serious observations and work by KisStartup. It provides practical and useful content to help business owners confidently enter the workforce.

We start with Level 1, which focuses on improving confidence with the basic, practical communication with startups.

- A modern learning style that enhances your initiative in learning;

- You will be taught, tutoring, editing and training directly;

- Our faculty is not only a teacher but also a mentor to you;

- Each day during the course you will have 5 minutes of speaking in English with mentor with a topic;

- To make sure the effectiveness, the class is limited to 4-10 students;

- Every week, you will be able to participate in ENGLISH ENGLISH at a KisStartup startup event.


Time: 04 weeks, 02 times/ week, 02 hours/ day, from 18h-20h.
Location: P209, 18T1 building, Le Van Luong street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.
Tuition fee: 2,000,000 VND / student / course.
Fee for English Networking Night (optional): VND 100,000 / person.


Register at HERE.