Startup Sourcing

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We provide businesses, investors, accelerators with startup sourcing to connect you with potential startup. With our network within and outside Net-A-Startup platform, we will find you potential startups based on the specific needs of your businesses / investment and accelerators.

Startups will be connected based on the information needs and criteria given by the business regarding the location, level of development, business model, technology / solution or a specific industry. The result is an exclusive research report in accordance with customer requirements for investment, cooperation or M&A purposes.

We meet the needs of businesses thanks to the platform that we own and develop and the active startup community at KisStartup as well as the network of universities and research institutes we cooperate with.

Should you be interested, contact us directly via: or email us at We will respond after 24 hours. You can also call us at +84 982 498 095 (Ms. Mai) or +84 978 137 894 (Ms. Thao)