Corporate Incubator/Accelerator Development

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Corporate Incubation and Acceleration has become an important trend to effectively increase innovation capacity for businesses. Corporates have different available resources that can be used for startups such as advisory, technical product support, business development services, recruitment assistance, fundraising advice and (sometimes) capital investment. Corporate Incubators and Accelerators are developed to utilize resources in combination with training and coaching programs for talents internal and external organizations. That's why accelerators in corporates are playing an important role for both startups and corporations.

According to the Report on Global Acceleration Programs for 2016, 206,740 million USD was poured into 11,305 startups within corporate acceleration programs.

KisStartup will not only offer consultancy service to assist corporations in developing their own incubation and acceleration programs but also provide effective, sustainable support and services for the effectiveness of the program delivery and connecting the program to our existing startup ecosystem.

If you are interested in developing incubators and accelerators for your organizations, please let us know via or email us at We will respond after 24 hours. You can also call us at +84 982 498 095 (Ms. Mai) or +84 978 137 894 (Ms. Thao)

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