Launching Mentoring 1-1 2016

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After the first Mentoring presentation in April, we officially invite you to join Mentoring 1-1 with KisStartup. The program lasts until May 2017

Please follow 4 steps at to prepare your application

Share with us who you are and what our 1-1 mentoring program can help you in your personal development and career development in an A-4 page (see example here: http: //
Create linkedin account
Submit your linkedin and article to

Please keep the following timeline:

April 22: deadline application.All required document can be submitted to:
April 25: Informing the results
April 28: Orienting & training for new mentee
May 7: Deadline to Pay Membership Fee
May 14: Orienting & training for new mentors; Informing new mentor & mentee matching results.


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