KisStartup's 2022 journey

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2022 witnessed the ups and downs, difficulties, efforts of enterprise to overcome COVID 19 and recover. Many SMEs in our network had to close down. However, we also have opportunities to accompany new innovation with original business models. KisStartup believes that 2022 is a full year of tears, sweat and extraordinary efforts. KisStartup constantly strives to accompany and build strong ties with businesses, organizations and promote the development of the VietNam startup ecosystem. On the journey of innovation, we are grateful to our partners for overcoming challenges with us and sharing our achievements.

With the KisStartup team, we had a proud year of hard working and studying wherever we were. We believe that the foundation in 2022 is a stepping stone for further steps and more value.

Let's look back on KisStartup's 2022 Journey and prepare for a new plan. 

Looking forward to having you in the 2023 journey!

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