Hanoi - Meet your angel - Coaching and Investing No.1

An opportunity to meet with your angel investors, learning and coaching with them. An in-depth understanding between Startup and Angel Investors while angel investors will follow the process of intensive training with startup.

Hanoi - Meet your angel is a special program designed according to The Seattle Conference - a program for startups and angel investors who have the opportunity to learn, observe, and understand each other to advance. to the investment step after the end of a month of intensive training.




Creativity multiplies as creative individuals come together. Having witnessed strong cooperation formed among startups, Finhay and NextSmarty, EZCloud and Toan Dung media, for example, we strongly believe that to put the mission of building an innovator community into reality, gathering founders together is a need to do. Founders Meetup 1 on June 08, 2019, promises quality networking which is a base for further collaboration in the future.  



Guide for Startups on – Version 2018

150 startups were successfully connected to over 70 national and international investors in TECHFEST 2017 via

If you are launching a project and finding investors or struggling to find investment and find nowhere to show up and update your profile in order for investors to look through. – Investment Matching Platform – is designed to deal with those “difficulties in knocking the door of investors”.