Tax in Entrepreneurship Innovation - Understand, Avoid Mistakes And Traps

Tax in Entrepreneurship Innovation - Understand, Avoid Mistakes And Traps

“Tax vagueness” – Is the most lamented when we have had the opportunity to work closely with more than 100 startups during the past 5 years. Lack of tax knowledge is always a "trap" that is easily overlooked when a startup enters the early stages and it easily becomes a trap to knock down the startup's feet when the project is on the rise; especially when investors appear.

Opening the Online course & FAQ series with ADVISORS – The first series of online learning and dialogue events with NetaStartup's expert advisors, we would like to introduce an event called "Tax in entrepreneurship innovation – Understand & Avoid mistakes & traps”.

#When participating in this online event, startups will learn:
1. What obligations does a startup have regarding Taxes? When are they done? Where does a startup perform those duties?
2. If tax obligations are not fulfilled, what will be the sanction?
3. The most typical and common mistakes of startups? How to handle those mistakes?
4. What tax incentives are the startup not aware of?

#Who should attend this event:
1. Anyone who is still confused about business tax
2. Startup has been/ worried about being penalized for tax errors without understanding why
3. Startups that have just started, haven't figured out why there is tax obligation

#FORMAT: The event is divided into two parts (1) listening and self-learning from the sharing from the mentor (passive) and part (2) - online interaction and answering questions with the mentor specialists.

#METHOD: (#1) Watch videos on each topic via online channel on
(#2) After watching the video, sharing the dialogue and answering questions with expert advisors, which will take place via on the 15th or 30th of each month (or when at least 10 people with the same interest and desire to answer the questions).

#DURATION: 01 hour of conversation and answering questions with advisor

#QUANTITY: Minimum 10 people, maximum 20 people for a Q&A session

#HOW TO REGISTER: Please fill in the form below, BTC will send a link to the sharing session to attendees (link to the platform


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Saturday, 28/03/2020 | 04:21 PM
Online trên Zoom hoặc Thinkific

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