Mentoring Program Management and Operation - Where to start?

Mentoring is a long journey to establish and maintain a trustworthy friendship between a wise old man and an energetic young guy. 

Mentoring itself was not born for startups only but actually for people from all walks of life, ranging from university students who are companied by their professors or senior students to employees who are supported by their managers or other colleagues. 


Orientation Day: How to be a good Mentor


Is it easy to become a mentor? What are characteristics of a good mentor? You may wonder those questions when becoming mentor for startup at first time.

So, how to be a good mentor?

We hold Orientation day for Mentor - How to be a good Mentor in order for Mentors Class 2017 to prepare for the next 12-month journey and bring Mentoring concepts to the public.

No theory or training. Just share and support from preceding mentors