ILT Mentor - Mentee Meet up

ILT Mentor - Mentee Meet up

In hopsitality, it is inevitable that meeting more mentors means more opportunity to collaborate and go to global market. However, as a sector with many smaller subsectors, hospitality poses a variety of challenges and obstacles to startups in terms of finding a mentor.

Unlike other Mentoring program, ILT Asean Mentoring & Networking has built a strong network of tourism mentors in order to support mentees more easily and effectively. At ILT Asean Mentoring & Networking, the access to connecting with mentors is unlimited. They can meet any mentor in our network for 3 months. This March, we will host ILT Mentor-Mentee meetup, which is projected to take place on 23.03.2018 in Hanoi.


•    Meet tourism mentors in 3 months

•    Open up your network in tourism


•    Share what you have learned on ILT’s Community Group for mentors and mentees.

•    Post investor-seeking demand on Group if possible


Step 1: If you are interested in our event, click GOING/ THAM DU

(Please don’t click if you don’t intend to join our event)

Step 2: Share about your project before the event (from 20 – 23.03.2018) at Room 209, 18T1 Building, Le Van Luong, Hanoi

Mentee finalists will be announced on 23.03.2018

#About ILT Mentor-Mentee Meetup:

  • Time: 3.30 – 5.00 PM on 23.03.2018
  • Location: Room 209, 18T1 Building, Le Van Luong, Hanoi.

For more information, please reach us via +84982498095 (Ms. Mai)

Friday, 23/03/2018 | 03:30 PM to 05:00 PM
Room 209, 18T1 Building, Le Van Luong, Hanoi.

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