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In preparation for the biggest investor meeting of the year lauching  in November 2017, HiTech-Konec events were placed in series of events prior to Techfest2017 to connect professionals, businesses, investors, Start  in the high technology community. As a coordinator of Techfest 2017 Investment Matching Team, this initiative of KisStartup is supported by startups, investors and businesses. Furthermore, after the launch of the book by KisStartup's Founder in November, we will continue with Lean Startup Series. We are looking forward to your presence at KisStartup's upcoming events

Lean startup Series - Analyze Business Model Canvas
Lean Startup Series - BMC for Meeting Investors
Lean Startup Series - Interview Customers
Lean Startup Series - Discover Customer Experience
Sharing  investment experience - Dedicated to investors
Join Techfest2017: November 14-15th
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