Medical devices

Kick-off day: KisStartup and Mitsui Chemicals


On April 18th 2023, KisStartup and Mitsui Chemicals R&D officially launched the "Mitsui Chemicals R&D Collaboration Reward" project. The project aims to find research results from universities, research institutes from private companies, and enterprises in Vietnam to cooperate with Mitsui and promote commercialization.

In addition, KisStartup also shared some difficulties, opportunities, and the current situation in the Vietnamese ecosystem. We discussed the project's goals, directions, and plans together, and planned for the next steps.

Below are the fields that Mitsui Chemicals R&D is interested in:

Area 1: Medical devices

- In vitro diagnostic devices

- The integration of medical devices with Robot/Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions enables the provision of advanced medical care, including the analysis of medical images and improved diagnoses.

-The use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies provides support for surgical training

Area 2: Agrochemical

-Biocontrol agricultural agents derived from fungi and bacteria are an effective means of controlling pests and insect disease vectors in agriculture.

-Herb tech

Area 3: Nutrition

-Functional food, protein substitutes, and probiotics for humans and animals

-Cultured meat technology, including the use of micro-carriers in cell culture

Area 4: Basic & Green Materials (Carbon Neutral)

-Green materials/ technologies such as biomass, biogas, cellulose, algae that can be a renewable fuel source.

-Sustainable solutions such as membrane technology for CO2, H2 production or water purification

Here is some information about us:

-Mitsui Chemicals was established in 1997 with 161 affiliated companies and nearly 19,000 employees. With Paid-in Capital up to 125 billion JPY, Mitsui Chemicals is fulfilling its mission of contributing widely to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through material innovation and creativity, while maintaining harmony with the global environment.

-KisStartup was founded in 2015 with a mission to accompany the startup community in enhancing their innovative and creative capabilities, supporting innovative and effective business transformation, and bringing practical benefits to the community. We have been working in the Vietnamese startup ecosystem for 8 years with a tight network of universities and research institutes, as well as providing training to over 500 lecturers from universities across the country on entrepreneurship and innovation. 

We hope that this project will open up opportunities and prospects for promoting commercialization in Vietnam.