Internship at Startups

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 In 2019, KisStartup cooperated with the University of Salento in Italy (Università del Salento) in bringing graduate students majoring in innovation and entrepreneurship to intern at KisStartup. The first trainee went through an internship at 3 startups.

Within the framework of the activity, trainees will be introduced through various innovative start-up models in Vietnam, from which they will learn about the model and support start-up groups in some areas such as international marketing and networking.

During the past 3 years, KisStartup has tested and developed trainee models at creative startups. These activities have received support from businesses and students. We hope to bring this program to a higher level. 

Neta_Internship Planet, initiated by KisStartup in 2020, will promote effective networking of startups, universities, and job markets in the near future.