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Intensive training for business model innovation for agricultural products through online marketing

On 19.05.2020 KisStartup officially ended 05 days of intensive training on Innovation in Business Model with Online Marketing with 08 cooperatives across the country in the support program of non-profit organization of Agriterra. The class was organized online to create favorable conditions in terms of time and cost for the cooperatives.

During 05 days of intensive training and practice, cooperatives have the opportunity to learn about their business models and simultaneously approach Online Marketing from the most basic understanding and step by step transform their business model from traditional sales model to the mixed model of online and offline channels.

After 5 days of intensive training and continuous practice, cooperatives have achieved remarkable results through testing Online Marketing via Facebook. Thanks to the relentless efforts of members of the cooperative group, after the training session 03 there have been very significant results. For example, there are cooperatives who have received orders for up to 02 tons of coffee after 3 days training. 

At the end of the intensive training, cooperatives will meet 1: 1 with KisStartup to work out the action plan and KPIs implemented in the next 06 months with the goal of promoting Online Marketing to increase sales.

After the 5-session course, KisStartup is committed to continuing to support the cooperatives in 01 month. In addition, the most hard-working cooperative was also given a ticket to join the NETA batch 2 Internship & Recruitment Alliance 2. In June 2020, after studying and the online channels and customer database in way, the cooperative that receives the award will receive trainees to support and strengthen the Online Marketing part of its cooperative.


Startup Innovation training

Drawn from the training experience for hundreds of businesses and startups, our STARTUP INNOVATION TRAINING is a smooth combination between theory and practice with an aim of helping startups to achieve a real breakthrough with the support of experienced experts and effective training method.

The STARTUP INNOVATION TRAINING course in 15 weeks with 15 hours of theory and a minimum of 60 hours of intensive practice will help project owners achieve their goals:

- MORE QUICKLY: with tools and time constraints, KisStartup will work with you to speed up the activities of testing products and services,

- MORE STRONGLY: with the experience gained from the course, learners will deepen themselves to understand the customer needs and the success ability of product and service.

- FURTHER: learning and practice will help the whole team go further in the future through improving knowledge, capacity in testing, developing new products, services/business models with Lean Startup approach


- Project owners / startups are developing new products and services
- The project is looking for a business model
- The project is finalizing information deck to work with investors


- Learn with experts in 5 weeks (01 lesson/week) + Practice with support of coaches (12 hour/week)
- Become a member of the NetaStartup platform for 1 year (1.5 million membership package per year) using the services specified by NetaStartup
- Help to connect to potential investors 
- Join and network with KisStartup Community for 1 year


- Course 1 starts on May 06, 2019

FEE: 18.500.000 VND


We will contact you after receiving your application



About KisStartup:

Proud to be one of the units offering the best quality startup innovation training course with scientific design, serious and continuous improvement over the past 4 years with reputable experts in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as strong networks to support startup in a comprehensive way. For more information about KisStartup, please visit

EVENTS in MAY 2017


In May, with the desire to boost your innovative activities, KisStartup and our partners develop a range of activities, not only to coaching. We are confident in offering the best proven services to our customers. We are also expanding our business to better serve in Ho Chi Minh City with our training course on innovation.

Mentoring and mentoring culture is still one of our important endeavors. So get ready for your Mentor-Mentee call in May.

Be ready to go with  KisStartup with the following activities:

Online Marketing - Solutions for Founder
MAY 10
Peer-to-peer coaching 
MAY 11
Mindset & Tools of Lean Startup
May 11,17,18
MAY 15
Launch the Online Startup Training Platform
MAY 15
Traning of the Trainer - Batch 3
May 9 - May 12,19
May 16
Introduce mentoring & SME Mentoring Hanoi
MAY 26
Intensive training: Innovation in the enterprise
May 26 - May 28