Intensive training for business model innovation for agricultural products through online marketing

On 19.05.2020 KisStartup officially ended 05 days of intensive training on Innovation in Business Model with Online Marketing with 08 cooperatives across the country in the support program of non-profit organization of Agriterra. The class was organized online to create favorable conditions in terms of time and cost for the cooperatives.

During 05 days of intensive training and practice, cooperatives have the opportunity to learn about their business models and simultaneously approach Online Marketing from the most basic understanding and step by step transform their business model from traditional sales model to the mixed model of online and offline channels.

After 5 days of intensive training and continuous practice, cooperatives have achieved remarkable results through testing Online Marketing via Facebook. Thanks to the relentless efforts of members of the cooperative group, after the training session 03 there have been very significant results. For example, there are cooperatives who have received orders for up to 02 tons of coffee after 3 days training. 

At the end of the intensive training, cooperatives will meet 1: 1 with KisStartup to work out the action plan and KPIs implemented in the next 06 months with the goal of promoting Online Marketing to increase sales.

After the 5-session course, KisStartup is committed to continuing to support the cooperatives in 01 month. In addition, the most hard-working cooperative was also given a ticket to join the NETA batch 2 Internship & Recruitment Alliance 2. In June 2020, after studying and the online channels and customer database in way, the cooperative that receives the award will receive trainees to support and strengthen the Online Marketing part of its cooperative.


Business Model Innovation and Business Plan training for women-led businesses

So as to help business projects prepare carefully for the selection stage, the Vietnam Women's Union works with KisStartup in the # 1 training class for women who are operating their own businesses or in a cooperative. Most of the business projects are in the process of finding product - market fit. The training and support program takes place from May 25 to May 27, 2020 with the following content:

Session 1 (May 25): Training Business Model, Business planning & Presentation Skills

Session 2 (May 26): Practice doing the Business Model; Finalizing a Business Plan Session & Supporting detailed answers of each practice group
Session 3 (May 27): 1: 1 meeting with experts to reinforce business model and provide direct feedback for Presentation & Business Plan
With the participation of nearly 30 business owners and cooperatives from all over the Northern provinces, the class has formed itself a small community but is committed to supporting both knowledge and experience who will become potential business partners in the future. Also in the program, KisStartup pledges even after the competition, we will always accompany and assist them as much as possible to create sustainable values they are committed to.


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