Innovation Mindset & Tools Training for Students from Hanoi University of Industry - HaUI


Innovation Mindset & Tools at Hanoi University of Industry is part of a cooperation program between the Youth Union of Hanoi University of Industry (SIP HAUI Club) and VinTech city. In this program, KisStartup acts as a professional training unit for not only students who have a startup project or idea but also teachers in the school with the desire to create core lecturers who can sponsor, support and directly supervise ideas or projects coming out of Hanoi University of Industry.

The intensive training program took place in 04 sessions and ended in the afternoon on November 17, 2019. The end of this training program is the opening of the next 03 months of support for the 05 most potential projects selected under the direct supervision of the source lecturer and KisStartup.

KisStartup hopes this is the beginning of the university's journey in fostering innovation and strong support for the students themselves.

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