Startup Case Study from Vietnam - ABIVIN- IoT and Big Data for Smart City Route optimization with big data and the support of existing IoT platform

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IoT and Big Data for Smart City Route optimization with big data and the support of existing IoT platform

Authors: Long Nam Pham (ABIVIN Corporation) , Dang Tuan Minh Nguyen (KisStartup Innovation Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring), Minh Tuan Phung (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Group, Faculty of Business Administration, Ton Duc Thang University)
Case study Introduction
Problem: Abivin vRoute was born to solve the problems facing logistics managers every day: Hours wasted by Deliverymen since actual workload below their capacity; No system to manage real-time delivery progress; Fraud on fuel claiming; Manually arrange daily delivery routes.
Advantage: Firstly, Abivin vRoute is the leading innovator in route optimization technology in Vietnam. For the first time, we hope to optimize automatically the delivery route planning and cut waste from missing spend on fuel and vehicles. Secondly, vRoute is the perfect fit for ASEAN countries with advanced intelligent algorithm handling unique ASEAN constraints such as bike or truck delivery, special store locations or time window… Last but not least, being the world-class solution for fleet management, vRoute is offered with a reasonable price for ASEAN markets, which lowers the budget that customers should bear while still benefiting from the whole package of useful functions.
Channel: The company is generating leads by both inbound and outbound channels. With respect to inbound leads, content marketing is our ultimate hook for short as well as long-term. To reach out to potential customers, we spend 30% of the effort to participate in events in the field of logistics, supply chain and related industries. Additionally, national and international competitions are also an effective way for us to gain popularity.
Model: As a SaaS company, ABIVIN charges user license fees every month. We offer a one-month free trial for enterprises to test if we're a fit. When one decides to purchase vRoute, they can choose from different packages to fulfil their need to the full extent. If a customer's in need of a new function out of the original version, we're ready to customize for them at a reasonable one-time payment fee. The price of vRoute is affordable for ASEAN countries, and we also offer on-site support for ASEAN countries. With the main target is FMCG companies and distributors in ASEAN, vRoute's system is planned to expand to other categories such as logistics service providers, or postal companies in the whole region in the next 3 years.

Keywords: Internet of Things, business model, big data

Case highlights
+ Delivering the gaps, which is determined by an emerging logistics industry in Vietnam and the rise of Industry 4.0? A panoramic glance at IoT application products market and opportunities for IoT-enabled a service system management in Vietnam;

+ Demonstrating the increasing need for IoT-based solutions to intelligent logistic and fleet management systems due to prevalence of smart devices;

+ Introducing and analyzing the case of ABIVIN – an emergent company whose products and business model canvas is the leading in Vietnamese market;

+ Strengthening the rising tide of high-tech start-ups; discuss the aims to propose the strategy for business to business model, which can be success in future.

+ Providing an actual business situation whose details and implications would be beneficial to future similar projects.

ABIVIN expects to call for investment in Serie A in 2018, opening up opportunities for the company to grow stronger in the future. The business model of ABIVIN up to now can sustain its competitiveness in the next 2-5 years. With the potential of Vietnam market, ABIVIN can completely dominate the market in terms of market share in 2years time. The biggest challenge with the business model is the time it takes to educate the market for a lot of time and because of the B2B model, the sales life cycle will not be short. The company might not experience rocket growth in the number of users due to the pressure of expanding staffing. Therefore, ABIVIN needs to continue to take care of existing customers and expand with the speed that can be controlled for new customers. The potential cooperation with ABIVIN is to expand the market and benefit from the expansion

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Source: 2018 Business opportunities and innovative models driven by the Internet. Cases in Vietnam. Organizers: TDT University, Feng Chia University, PWC, TSing Hua University,