Review Open Innovation Green Transformation for Restaurants and Hotels

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Recap of Open Innovation Green Transformation for Restaurants and Hotels

The Open Innovation Green Transformation for Restaurants and Hotels training series concluded after six sessions held over three days, from February 28 to March 1, 2024. We invite you to join us in revisiting some of the most noteworthy content and images from the series.

The content of the first training day provided learners with the most general and basic overview of the overall green transformation landscape, with a particular focus on the hotel and restaurant sector. The program began with Mr. Chu Hong Minh, Chairman of RAV, sharing insights on emerging and noteworthy consumer trends within the hotel and restaurant service industry. During the same session, Mrs. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh, CEO & Founder of KisStartup, presented various aspects of green transformation in the hotel and restaurant sector, encompassing six key principles: energy efficiency, water conservation, responsible sourcing of food, sustainable packaging, customer education, and waste reduction. The program's new guest speaker, Mr. Kanwarpreet Singh, Advisor of BTR Global, discussed the concept of circularity and minimizing the use of disposables, emphasizing the importance of reusable solutions.

The second training day emphasized shifting your mindset towards green transformation to progressively implement sustainable practices throughout the restaurant's value chain. As customers become increasingly concerned with environmental issues, they gravitate towards businesses that share their values. The session analyzed specific examples of leading sustainable green restaurants globally, allowing participants to learn and visualize concrete applications. Moreover, measuring the direct and indirect environmental impact of adopting green practices strengthens a business's image and fosters customer trust. Ultimately, this is the core message the second training day aims to convey to participants.

The final training day features the participation of experts and startups showcasing green solutions relevant to typical hotels and restaurants, such as:
1. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong - LC TECH provides solutions Smart water management system and smart electricity meter
2. Ms. Ngo Diem Chau - Galaxy Biotech provides the solution Breathing bags - Food preservation packaging
3. Mr. Do Xuan Tien -  FUWA provides the solution Cleaning solution - Cleaning solution made from pineapple peel enzymes
4. Mr. Tran Thanh Vu -  EDEEC provides the solution Net Zero - Green certification and building management system
5. Ms. Luong Thi Thu Huyen - Eco Solution provides ecological solutions - Consulting and providing solutions for the F&B industry
6. Mr. Tran Thai Son – SDVICO provides wastewater treatment solutions

The training series conclude by exploring how to build a green image for customers. This involves implementing a sustainable marketing strategy that adheres to five key principles: customer orientation, value proposition, innovation, vision and mission, and social marketing. Crucially, effectively communicating your green commitment requires weaving your quantified sustainability data into your product narrative.

Following the completion of the training program, 'Training on Green Transformation & Solution Connection' will transition to its operational phase. This phase will involve implementing green transformation testing with select units that successfully completed the previous training course. These restaurants will officially begin their green transformation training and testing period in the near future.

However, our program remains open to accepting new solutions for green transformation in the restaurant and hotel industry. Startups and businesses offering such solutions are welcome to join us by following the survey link below.

Link to survey solutions: