Recap event: Promoting Digital Transformation & Business Model Innovation

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The event Digital Acceleration Program - PROMOTE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION & INNOVATION was organized by KisStartup on January 18, 2022, with the participation of:

  • Ms. Majdie Hordern - First Secretary at the Australian Embassy in Vietnam
  • Ms. Vu Quynh Anh - Deputy Team Leader of GREAT Project
  • Mr. Dinh Xuan Huong - Co-founder of VINNO Software Company.
  • Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh - CEO at KisStartup
  • Ms. Vu Kim Dung - Middle Manager at VietRap
  • Ms. Bui Phuong Thanh - Director of Noong Pieu Cooperative
  • Ms. Sung Thi Lan - Director of Muong Hoa Cooperative
  • Ms. Ha Thi Khuyen - Owner of Ha Khuyen homestay
  • Mr. An Van Tuan - Director of The Tuan Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative

The event is a time for KisStartup to gather lesson-learned, difficulties, and solutions to overcome difficulties with small and medium-sized enterprises to micro-enterprises, business households, as well as cooperatives in business model innovation progress, drive sale-growth, and leverage online resources to take the smallest step in the digital transformation story.

During the event, Ms. Vu Quynh Anh - Deputy Team Leader of GREAT Project

“Through 3 seasons of implementing the DAP with KisStartup, we have seen the positive aspects and the suitability of the program with enterprises/cooperatives with the participation of ethnic minority women as follows:

  • Witness many business models innovation. For example, in Bac Ha, tourism companies have been known to combine agriculture to overcome the period of COVID-19 that has halted tourism, to innovate their products to expand the online market, etc.
  • Transformation to digital business is barrier-free, requiring only internet, smartphone, and commitment from participants
  • Digital transformation has proved that ethnic minority women have enhanced their entrepreneurial capabilities, increased autonomy and decision-making abilities, and improved their leadership. Since then, they received much support from the family.

Besides, we appreciate the professionalism and dedication of KisStartup's team. This is an intensive program not only in terms of digital transformation but also equipping knowledge about intellectual property, human resources, and personal financial management. In the future, GREAT hopes to continue to cooperate with experienced partners, looking forward to bringing this program to many mountainous women for mutual development.``

During 2021 working with GREAT, DAP contacted and interviewed more than 60 enterprises, cooperatives, and business individuals, of which 20 cooperatives and enterprises continued to be selected to go further into intensive training and coaching programs with 03 objectives: Innovating the business model - Increasing the quantity and quality of personnel - Increasing revenue through online channels (in combination with the traditional model). The Digital Acceleration Program in 2021 took place at two levels: The Basic level (with the participation of 20 enterprises and cooperatives), The Advanced level (with the participation of 04 enterprises and cooperatives).

At the end of the program: 100% of businesses changed their business models, and 100% of businesses increased their revenue - OVER 4.3 BILLION is TOTAL REVENUE THROUGH ONLINE CHANNELs of 20 enterprises and cooperatives participating in DAP  in 10 weeks. It is estimated that each enterprise/cooperative has an increase of 300-500% in revenue compared to before participating in the program. More importantly, at the end of the DAP, 20 businesses and cooperatives are not (or) less dependent on 3rd parties but can completely develop their own strategies, and content and confidently have a stable revenue when selling on online channels. Some enterprises have advanced to internal management with software applications and expanded their global market with exportation.


In part 2 of the article, we will share about the factors that make up the success of the Digital Acceleration Program 2021.

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