Journal of Digital Acceleration Program Batch 3

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The Digital Acceleration program batch 3 took place under the cooperation of GREAT and KisStartup, and was officially started on August 30, 2021.

In this batch, we worked deeply with cooperatives and homestays with diverse and typical products in the Northwest. According to both GREAT and KisStartup, the products of the cooperatives and homestays were of high quality. However, market fluctuations and the pandemic had changed consumer demand which faced many difficulties in transporting goods between provinces.

During this batch, along with training and coaching for cooperatives to improve their capacity to innovate business models, increase revenue through online business, and improve their ability to adapt and respond to market volatility, we also added an essential part of learning with practice. Cooperatives were trained to use the simplest, most understandable tools to practice writing pieces of marketing posts, editing photos, and managing data and customers.

It has been 6 weeks, along with increasing revenue through online business, and forming and nurturing online marketing habits, here are the truly amazing results under the hard contribution of the whole Cooperatives, Coaches, and Trainees. From the photos that were previously lacking in clarity or blur, now cooperatives are mastering online businesses from the smallest steps: Creating images and content that appeal to customers online.

We are proud of the efforts that the Cooperatives, Coaches, and Trainees are making. Only 4 weeks left for both GREAT and KisStartup to witness their creativity and transformation.



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