Techfest 2018

Hi-Tech Konec 2018

Hi-Tech Konec - The first and only event connecting high-tech solutions, startups' new technology with corporations and enterprises in order to solve their problems.

Hi-Tech Konec is a part of Techfest 2018, which connects innovative solutions for high-tech startups with businesses and corporations interested in:

▪ Order new solutions as required

▪ Acquire potential high-tech startups

▪ Invest in potential high-tech startups


Mini Matching in April

After Investment Matching series at TECHFEST 2017, we realized that there is a huge demand for investment matching out there. As a partner of TECHFEST 2018 and be responsible for Training and Investment Matching Team, KisStartup decided to hold Mini Matching once per month before TECHFEST 2018 to lessen startups’ difficulties in connecting to investors and vice versa, as well as save your time in waiting for the biggest event till the end of the year.