Hi-Tech Konec 2018

Hi-Tech Konec 2018

Hi-Tech Konec - The first and only event connecting high-tech solutions, startups' new technology with corporations and enterprises in order to solve their problems.

Hi-Tech Konec is a part of Techfest 2018, which connects innovative solutions for high-tech startups with businesses and corporations interested in:

▪ Order new solutions as required

▪ Acquire potential high-tech startups

▪ Invest in potential high-tech startups

In this year, we mainly focus on the topic "Demands for Supporting Industry and Logistics in Vietnam" .


Time: 9.00 AM on November, 3rd 2018

Location: eSpace Coworking – 1, Dinh Le, Hoàn Kiếm Hà Nội

Organizer: KisStartup (KisStartup is proud to be the unit responsible for Techfest 2018 Investment Matching Team)

Venue Sponsor: eSpace Cowrking



▪ Panel discussion: Participation of enterprises, experts sharing trends and challenges.

▪ In-depth discussion

▪ Meet face-to-face and match-up between business and startup

▪ Report results at the connection

▪ Make the next appointment

▪ Follow-up after the event


WHAT is in it for THE ENTERPRISEs?

▪ Share their needs for technology and/or the issues faced by your business.

▪ Display standee at the event

▪ Join the matching session with potential solutions

▪ Connect with national and international startups dealing with the issues encountered by your business throughout the year


WHAT is in it for STARTUPs?

▪ Directly introduce their solutions to corporations and enterprises.

▪ Display standee at the event

▪ Publish your solution on SeaTechHub, introducing ASEAN regional technology solutions (in English and Vietnamese).

▪ Connect with potential enterprise(s) throughout the year

▪ Communication support on Hi-Tech Konec’s channels


REGISTER HERE:  https://goo.gl/U28AoP


For any questions, feel free to reach us via mobile: +84.982498095 (Ms. Mai)

Saturday, 03/11/2018 | 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
eSpace Coworking – 1, Đinh Lễ , Hoàn Kiếm Hà Nội

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