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The last month of 2017 will be a Lean Startup experience. With the positive feedback from KisStartup's "Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Mindset and Tools" by Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh, we will share with you the same experice of Lean Startup. Lean Startup 1.5h Courses for busy people and for early stage projects and hands-on training sessions. Intensive lean startup will go with you.

Morover, our activities such as investment matching, meeting with advisors in Open Startup Doors and sharing investment experiences are keep going on

ILT ASEAN MENTORING & NETWORKING also embarked on a new phase as we formally link startup in the travel industry with ILT's startup mentors.


Share the investment experience 

Open Startup Door 2 - Workshop Accounting + Investment Connection + Startup Consulting

Intensive Lean Startup


Lean startup: Mindset in Euntrepreneurship 

Lean startup: Business Model Canvas

Lean startup: Estimating market size

Lean startup: Know about your customer

Lean startup: Innovate the solution

Lean startup: Tell a story of service

Lean startup: Test value proposition

Lean startup: Solution interview

Lean startup:  Sales Roadmap

Lean startup:  The stages of development of project

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