Partnership Announcement: ICM Falk Foundation

17/09/21 08:09:08 View:

KisStartup & KisImpact is pleased to announce that we are officially partnering with the Ida C. and Morris Falk Foundation (ICM Falk Foundation) to promote plastic reduction and circular economy in Vietnam during C-Plastics Incubator 2021 implemented by Spring Activator and sponsored by The Incubation Network.

The Ida C. and Morris Falk Foundation is a private US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation providing grants to support innovation across multiple sectors. With the current urgent state of our climate crisis, and our commitment to the global New Plastics Economy, their focus has pivoted to the reduction of plastics production, waste and pollution in Vietnam, specifically in Consumer Packaged Goods and Fashion.

Partnership between KisStartup, KisImpact, and ICM Falk Foundation initially focuses on: 

  1. Capacity building for their grantees from Bach Khoa Innovation, who have successfully developed their prototypes. During the 14-week program, they continue to improve their MVP, test the market to find a viable business model and impact model through training, intensive coaching, connecting with experts, and expert advisors.
  2. Award seed fund for at least 1 project from C-Plastics Incubator 2021 to develop, test and pivot their high-fidelity prototype to build a viable business model. 

In addition to funding, grantees have a chance to connect to ICM Falk Foundation’s regional network to reach their potential. From our side, we will seek co-investment or co-invest with ICM Falk Foundation through the KisImpact Fund to open up more development opportunities for the project during and after the C-Plastics 2021 program.

We hope that the cooperation with the ICM Falk Foundation can go further in promoting the circular economy in Vietnam through incubation, acceleration and co-investment programs in Vietnam.