Innovation Read Space expanded to 04 cities, provinces: Can Tho, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Vung Tau

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After 1 year of the introduction of Innovation Read Space initiated by KisStartup with Science and Technology Publishing House, KisStartup's team introduced great selected entrepreneurship and innovation books to the community. Science and Technology Publishing House has joined us in bringing these books in Vietnamese to the community. Nowadays, the IRS has appeared in 4 provinces and cities across the country, in reading spaces, coworking spaces and businesses.

In 2019, the book that once reached 175 million readers worldwide appeared in Vietnam - Beyond the Silicon Valley, returned Vietnam where it started. The book was written by Michael E. Goldberg from the inspirational stories about the entrepreneurial ecosystem builders in Vietnam and around the world.

KisStartup highly appreciates the great efforts of many parties to bring together valuable messages to the builders of innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems.

In 2020, the IRS will focus on developing a community of innovative readers and creating more values for the community through IRS.

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