Lean Startup 1.5H: Entrepreneurial Mindset

Lean Startup 1.5H: Entrepreneurial Mindset

There is no right or wrong mindset but the one that suits you best. How to find the best approach for your business project? We will introduce you to important mindset in starting a business. From your successes and failures, you can share with us and find the best approach.

Focusing more on practicing rather than learning, our training course is always such a fully inspiring course.

Let’s take advantage of 1.5 hour of training with us.

Registration: click GOING/THAM GIA (please don’t click you don’t intend to join this course). KisStartup Team will make a confirmation call and send necessary documents to you before class

Fee: VND 200.000 /person (on-site payment)

Lecturer: Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh - Manager and Founder of KisStartup. One of 12 first Innovation Consultants certified by Ministry of Science and Technology and Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015. Author of “Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Mindset and Tools” which was listed as one of 10 best-selling books about e-commerce  on Vinabooks in 2015.

More details about LEAN STARTUP 1.5H course:

6 - 12: Entrepreneurial Mindset

7 - 12: Business Model

8 - 12: Market Size Estimation

14 - 12: Customer Understanding

21 - 12: Solution Creation

25 - 12: Storytelling

26 - 12: Value Proposition Comprehension Test

27 - 12: Solution Interview

28 - 12: Sales Roadmap

29 - 12: Growth Stages of a startup.

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Wednesday, 06/12/2017 | 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM

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