Lean Startup 1.5H: Business Model

Lean Startup 1.5H: Business Model

To startup, you may get familiar with 9 components of a business model but may not know how to use it effectively. Together we will take a closer look at your business model to help you move a strong step forward.

Focusing more on practicing rather than learning, our training course is always such a fully inspiring course.

Let’s take advantage of 1.5 hour of training with us.

Registration: click GOING/THAM GIA (please don’t click you don’t intend to join this course). KisStartup Team will make a confirmation call and send necessary documents before class

Fee: VND 200.000/person (on-site payment)

Lecturer: Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh - Manager and Founder of KisStartup. One of 12 first Innovation Consultants certified by Ministry of Science and Technology and Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015. Author of “Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Mindset and Tools” which was listed as one of 10 best-selling books about e-commerce  on Vinabooks in 2015.

More details about LEAN STARTUP 1.5H course:

6 - 12: Entrepreneurial Mindset

7 - 12: Business Model

8 - 12: Market Size Estimation

14 - 12: Customer Understanding

21 - 12: Solution Creation

25 - 12: Storytelling

26 - 12: Value Proposition Comprehension Test

27 - 12: Solution Interview

28 - 12: Sales Roadmap

29 - 12: Growth Stages of a startup.


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#Business Model

#Market size estimation

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Thursday, 07/12/2017 | 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM

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